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Bloom Express: Newsletter #1, August 2006 Print E-mail
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All Aboard the Bloom Express ...

This is the first ever Bloomex monthly newsletter.  It is our way of thanking you for your continuing business.

Please enjoy!

In This Issue...

  • Joke of the Month
  • Internet Flower Feature
  • How to Romance Your Partner
  • Special Offer

Joke of The Month 

A local florist just went out of business, he kept mixing up his orders.  One woman received flowers sent by her husband, who was at a business meeting in Florida.  She was perplexed by the message on her card:  "Our deepest sympathy."  But she was not nearly as surprised as the woman whose husband had just passed away.
Her card read,  "Hotter here than I expected.  Too bad you didn't come too."


Upcoming Events:
9/04: Labour Day
10/09: Thanksgiving

Watch for our online blog which will begin in September 2006. The first message will cover "how to order flowers online" and what policies to look for on a company's website. Don't Miss It!


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Internet Flower Feature

This includes the best and most entertaining sites on the Internet that include the use of flowers. The first one is a very addictive flash game called "Flower Power".


How to Romance Your Partner

Flowers have been used for many years as an expression of love and are still just as effective as ever. But if you really want to make them feel special...Combine flowers with an original idea!

Here are a few great ones to start:

The Treasure Hunt
This requires some preparation but it is well worth it. Send flowers to your partner and on the card simply leave an instruction like "look on your dresser".  Next, on the dresser leave a note or a post-it with a message leading to another clue.  Now that you get the idea, you can repeat the process as many times as you'd like.  The finale could be many things such as a candle light dinner, a present or a bathtub with rose pedals and a bottle of wine on ice.

Single Red Rose
If your partner has a bad day, it doesn't take much to brighten it. Simply order a dozen white roses with a red one in the middle and attach a note that says "Thank you for standing out in my life".

Romantic ideas require little time and money but
often provide significant benefits.  Go out and give
them a try because more ideas are on the way.
Read more romantic ideas... 

Special Offers

Bloomex Customer Special!

25% off our most popular bouquets (Discount Code: FM25)

Assorted Gerbera Bouquet
Original Price:
Your Price: $22.50

To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are delivered fresh, and ready to bloom. Includes 10 Gerberas and greens. Measures 15" roughly.

24 Mixed Color Sweetheart Roses
Original Price:
Your Price: $30.00

Two dozen fresh-cut sweetheart roses from local grower. Send them for any occasion to express your love, sympathy or friendship. To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are shipped fresh, budding, and ready to bloom. Includes twenty-four assorted color sweetheart roses and greens.

Offer Only Valid For Two Days!


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