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Florist Affiliate Program

Bloomex flower affiliate program provides the freshest flowers, due to their unique business model, which has eliminated the middle man, resulting in customers receiving their floral products faster to ensure longevity.

With our large selection of flowers and gifts, Bloomex satisfies hundreds of customers everyday.

Join our network affiliate program – soon you can be reaping in the benefits of Bloomex’s phenomenal success.

Outstanding conversion rates

Bloomex banners click-throughs achieve a conversion rate of over 25% !

What this means for you: On average you will be earning more than $1.50 per click!

100 visitors clicking on the Bloomex banner will typically achieve more than 25 sales:  Our average sale is $55, resulting in $6 per sale for you x 25 clicks will be $150!

Recently our conversions have been 30% and even as high as 44% with our tall side-page banner.   View conversion stats here .  

Our Offer

When you join the Bloomex affiliate program you will always receive minimum 11% commission from every valid sale of our Bloomex flowers or gifts.  After 8 sales the commission will be 16%, and after 20 sales you will receive 20% commission.

How will I get paid?

As soon as you sign up, you will select how you want to get paid: cheque, wire, or PayPal.  Each time a customer clicks on the Bloomex banner makes a purchase, you'll receive at least 11% of the sale.  It’s easy! Soon the money will start rolling in.


How do I Get Started?

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