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50 Blooms of Mixed Spray Roses II

$89.99 $44.99


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1/2 $ Mixed Spray Roses!

Get this amazing deal before it leaves Carleton Place forever! Buy Now and you'll get a gorgeous assortment of 50 blooms of beautiful Spray Roses, accented with fresh floral greens. This special Valentines Day package includes a teddy bear and a Valentine Greeting Card to put your heartfelt message to paper.

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STANDARD (as shown) 44.99
DELUXE (+$4.99) 49.98
Deluxe size Bouquets are more impressive and contain more blooms than the Standard size
SUPERSIZE (+$9.99) 54.98
Supersize Bouquets are significantly more impressive and contain significantly more blooms than the Standard size
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Classic Greeting Card


Glass Vase

Teddy Bear

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