Regular includes:
  • Carnation Red (qty. 12),
  • Mini Carnations Red (qty. 6),
  • Ruscus Israeli (qty. 5),
  • Leather Leaf (qty. 2),
  • glass vase clear (qty. 1)

Crimson Delight

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SKU: LF21-68

A virtual explosion of Red Carnations tastefully accented by lush greenery. Red Carnations are a timeless classic and are a symbol of love and affection, the perfect flower bouquet. This beautiful and bountiful bouquet offers a long life and full body bloom. Sure to make a lasting impression on the one you Love!

Vase Included.

CA$ 58.99

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Regular includes:
  • Carnation Red 12,
  • Mini Carnations Red 6,
  • Ruscus Israeli 5,
  • Leather Leaf 2,
  • glass vase clear 1
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