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Regular includes:
  • Asiatic Lily Yellow (qty. 1),
  • Solidago (qty. 1),
  • Sunflowers Medium (qty. 2),
  • Chrysanthemum Daisies Red (qty. 2),
  • Chrysanthemum Spray yellow (qty. 2)

Golden Days Basket

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SKU: LF99-36

Here's a golden opportunity to make someone's day. Just send this delightful basket of fresh fall flowers to someone who's on your mind and you can be sure it will lift their spirits! Sunny sunflowers and Asiatic lilies, deep red roses, gold and burgundy chrysanthemums, solid aster, are splendidly arranged in a wicker basket. Send it and you'll be golden, too. Approximately 14" W x 10" H.

CA$ 69.99

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Regular includes:
  • Asiatic Lily Yellow 1,
  • Solidago 1,
  • Sunflowers Medium 2,
  • Chrysanthemum Daisies Red 2,
  • Chrysanthemum Spray yellow 2
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