Regular includes:
  • Ruscus Israeli (qty. 10),
  • Chrysanthemum Daisies White (qty. 15),
  • Leather Leaf (qty. 8),
  • Floral Foam (qty. 1),
  • Solidago yellow (qty. 6),
  • Plastic Design Urn (qty. 1)

Voyage of the Doves

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SKU: LF101-43

The peaceful serenity of this bouquet allows in the rejoicing memoirs of a dearly beloved. The delicate colouration of daisies, carefully arranged in an elegant basket reminds us of the emotional happiness and joy shared, and the memories not soon forgotten.

Included in this blessed arrangement are 50 amazing blooms of white daisies and 5 stems of lovely solidago compliment with fresh greens in an attractive basket with special floral foam to keep the flowers fresh. Measures approximately 17" H by 12"L.

To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are shipped fresh, budding, and ready to bloom. Full size sympathy cards are available during check out.

CA$ 111.99

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Regular includes:
  • Ruscus Israeli 10,
  • Chrysanthemum Daisies White 15,
  • Leather Leaf 8,
  • Floral Foam 1,
  • Solidago yellow 6,
  • Plastic Design Urn 1
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